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Dental Implants & Dentures

Dental implants can replace missing or damaged teeth. They also can improve your overall oral health by preventing or slowing down bone loss, preventing changes to your lips and facial profile, cheeks or jaw, and promoting a better speech and bite. More importantly they improve a patient’s overall quality of life by allowing them to eat healthier foods and be confident in their smile. Dental implants are strong, effective, long-lasting and look completely natural!

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Dental implants require a surgical procedure, performed by either a general dentist qualified in placing dental implants or by a dental specialist such as a periodontist or an oral surgeon. We’ll explain in detail, every step of the process and only proceed with the treatments once you understand everything involved.  

Who Can Qualify For A Dental Implant?

Many adults can qualify for dental implants however we will review your health history and oral hygiene habits prior to recommending an implant.  We will discuss what options are best for you and allow you to decide.

Because your oral health means a lot to us and is crucial to your overall well-being, we will let you know if dental implants aren’t the right choice for you. An alternative for tooth replacement can be a removal denture.

The Benefits Of Full Or Partial Dentures

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, one way to improve the appearance and function of your teeth are with removal dentures. If you’re missing teeth and have a few natural teeth remaining, removable partial dentures can attach to your existing teeth. They’re easy to clean and can restore the function of your teeth, improve your speech, chewing, digestion, and self-confidence. Full dentures work in the same way, only they replace all of your teeth so they’ll be supported and held in place by your gums and suction created by saliva and the denture.

Each denture is custom-made after we’ve taken a mold of your mouth. During your fitting procedure, we’ll ensure they fit comfortably and make any adjustments if needed. 

Why Replacing Missing Teeth is so Important?

When a tooth is lost it is important to replace it as early as possible because the surrounding teeth will begin to shift and move.  The gap will start to close and the teeth will start to shift and tilt. This will alter the relationship your teeth have with each other and can cause detrimental effects to your bite.  For example, a lower tooth that is missing can cause it’s opposing upper too to migrate downward called “super eruption”. This can lead to root exposure and sensitivity of that tooth in addition to gum problems such as infections and eventual mobility and loss of that tooth.  Missing teeth can also change your facial profile giving you a caved-in appearance.

How Long Can Dentures Last?

Dentures do not last a lifetime and will need to be replaced based on wear and bone loss a patient experiences over time. Adjustments can be made to existing dentures if they appear loose or ill-fitting. Regular checkups are important to ensure they still fit comfortably and are being well taken care of. If they become ill-fitting even after readjustments, it may be time for new dentures. Cleaning them regularly with denture cleaner is key to ensuring they last as long as possible. But don’t worry – we’ll provide you with important cleaning instructions after receiving your dentures. 

Dental Care For Every Stage Of Life

Because we’re passionate about the optimal oral health of each patient, we’re proud to offer preventive and restorative services for each member of your family, regardless of their age and specific needs. 


Years Of Experience

We are more than honoured to continue to serve the Markham and Scarborough area for over two generations now.

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We pride ourselves on exceptional patient care and customer satisfaction.   


We’re a family-centred dental office, therefore, family means a lot to us. Allow us to welcome your family into ours.

Modern Technology

Dental technology is constantly evolving, therefore, so is our practice! Our equipment is always the latest in the industry.

We offer a wide range of services for every stage of life.

Looking for a family-oriented dentistry office that can help every member of your family? Our services are meant to ensure your optimal oral health. From toddlers, teenagers, adults and seniors, we offer general cleaning and preventive services, cosmetic dentistry, denture care, tooth extractions, orthodontic care, and more. 

If you’re a new patient and are curious about all the services we offer, we’d be more than happy to discuss them with you through a consultation in our comfortable office.

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