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Tooth Extractions & Root Canals

There are many reasons why tooth extraction is necessary:

Signs You Need A Root Canal Instead

The pulp (centre of your tooth) contains nerves and blood vessels that can become infected if a cavity is not treated in time and cannot be restored. The nerves lie in the pulp and root of the tooth. If a cavity (bacteria) makes its way to the pulp where the nerves and arteries are, the tooth can become infected with bacteria which can cause pain or discomfort upon temperature changes in the mouth. If the bacteria reaches all the way through the tooth into the bone it can create an infection at the bottom of the tooth which result in pain when pressure is applied to the tooth during chewing or biting. Your surrounding gums may also swell or even have a pimple-like substance on the gums. If your food or drinks are too hot or cold, sensitivity can occur when you have a cavity. These are signs it’s time to come see us, your dentist. We’ll take an x-ray of your teeth or teeth to determine what the issues are and if a root canal is required and explain all the options in detail to you.

The Root Canal Procedure

The dentist will first test to see which tooth needs treatment. Once the infected tooth has been determined we will enter the tooth, remove all the infected tissue, place medication inside (if necessary) and a temporary filling. Once the symptoms of the pain have been alleviated, the tooth can be filled with a rubber material and sealed with a permanent filling. It’s highly recommended for all root canal treated teeth to have a dental crown put over them to prevent future facture and promote long term success.

Aftercare & Heal Time

After a dental root canal, discomfort may occur.  But medication such as Tylenol and Advil may be help. We will review this with each patient on a case by case basis. It is advised to avoid chewing on that tooth until the root canal is completed and the permanent filling is in place.

What Is used prevent pain during a dental procedure?

Local anesthesia is injected into the area where a tooth will either be filled, or extracted or where a root canal will be done. It prevents the sensation of pain because it interferes with the nerve in the area sending pain signals to your brain. Therefore giving you a sensation of a numbing feeling . Local anesthesia can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours (or more) depending on the amount given to a patient.

 Why Replacing Missing Teeth is so Important?

When a tooth is lost it is important to replace it as early as possible because the surrounding teeth will begin to shift and move.  The gap will start to close and the teeth will start to shift and tilt. This will alter the relationship your teeth have with each other and can cause detrimental effects to your bite.  For example, a lower tooth that is missing can cause it’s opposing upper too to migrate downward called “super eruption”. This can lead to root exposure and sensitivity of that tooth in addition to gum problems such as infections and eventual mobility and loss of that tooth.  Missing teeth can also change your facial profile giving you a caved-in appearance.


Our office will provide you with important and easy instructions to follow before and after your tooth extraction. We want to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Instructions could include things like:

  • Avoiding rinsing, spitting and drinking from a straw in the first 24 hours after the procedure (Biting against a moist tea bag can be helpful in stopping bleeding)
  • Avoid eating foods that are too hot, spicy or crunchy as the can irritate the area where the tooth has been extracted
  • Stop smoking 24 hours before and 24 – 48 hours after the procedure because it delays healing and can cause infection.
  • For pain and discomfort Tylenol or Advil can be used at the advice of your doctor and dentist


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